Monday, May 18, 2015

What Matters Most?

   There are so many issues today in our culture that it can be dizzying to try to figure out where you stand on them all. However, there is a method that is tried and true, that has withstood the test of time. Sola scriptura. There are so many issues that we can easily see where to stand if we would just read and believe our Bibles.
   We try to change what the Bible says to fit our needs, to keep people from disliking us, and to keep current in the culture. These are all horribly wrong attempts of trying to use the Bible for ones own sinful reasons. The Bible speaks the truth on so many issues, and yet, most Christians today seem to think that the Bible does not matter. That truth does not matter. That doctrine does not matter.
   I would like to state the exact opposite. The Bible does matter, everything that it calls sin, is sin. There is no way that you can read the Bible and proclaim that certain issues in today's culture were only sins back then and aren't today. That is not how sin works. If something is sin, that means it is an offense against a Holy God. It is not something that offended Him two thousand years ago because of the culture of the time, and no longer does today because people have "changed". Truth does matter. If we can't tell someone the truth, no matter what it is, then we are treating them horribly. Truth is truth, it does not change from one person's way of thinking to the next. If something is true, it is true. Doctrine does matter. If we listen to those who claim that they just live like Christ wants them to and don't care about doctrine, we would soon loose the ability and understanding of how Christ calls us to actually live. If we do not discuss, examine, and build upon sound doctrinal statements from the early church, then we are doomed to never learn, never grow, and never be able to feed those around us.
   What matters most to you? Is it other people's opinions of what you think/believe? Is it whether what you say will get you in trouble? Is it the fear of losing money and esteem? Is it a fear of persecution? Is it an attempt to try to please those around you? I do not have my life all figured out, and I do not do everything the right way. However, I do know one thing if I know anything at all. God's Word is timeless, His truth is perfect, and what He said/says will always be sound and true. If we in any way try to change His Word, then we should be ashamed and seek His forgiveness.