Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Life

   My daughter, Aisling Joy, was born last week on the 27th. It has been an absolute joy being able to meet her, hold her, and see her amazingly beautiful face! God has blessed me in so many ways that I cannot even comprehend His grace and mercy. She has been very loved since arriving last week. Her big brother greets her with many kisses throughout the day and tries desperately to make sure that she is happy, even at the cost of giving her his own stuffed animals, cause who wouldn't want a stuffed to comfort them? It is precious to see the care and joy that a little boy has for his sister, just because of who she is, his sister.

   New life has always been amazing to me, but there is nothing that compares to seeing your own child for the very first time. It makes you wonder about so many different things. It also causes you to be able to begin to understand the depths of God's love. To be adopted as His children is truly special and we can begin to understand this when we see our own children and feel the emotions that flood through our bodies. 

   I pray that God would draw my daughter unto His side in a way that only He can do. It would be an amazing joy to see her come to know and love Him as I do. When God draws someone unto His side, there isn't anything that can keep them from Him. My prayer is always that my children, still seems weird to have that be plural there, would be drawn by Christ, even dragged if needed.

   I know that this post is much shorter than most of my posts, but I have been busy recently with my new little one and with working on my coming book. I am getting excited to release it in just over a month. I pray that God will use it in many ways for His glory alone.