Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life: Impactful

     What does it mean to live a life completely sold out for God? How do we know when we are doing this? I think that the answer is simple. When God is our everything and only thing, that is when we know that our whole being is purposed for God's purpose. As I sit in my office listening to the new Shane & Shane album I am amazed by the people that say that they never have an opportunity to share the gospel with those they come in contact with. To be able to listen to music created by such wonderful musicians is a blessing, and then to be able to play such music within my office for every student who comes in to hear is one of the greatest blessings that we have in this country.
     Shane & Shane's new album has a song on it called "You Loved My Heart to Death". What a beautiful picture this is. We were born with a heart of stone, one that hated (or still hates if you are not a Christian) God with everything that it had. Yet, God reached down to us and drew us unto His side, gave us a new heart, and now lives and works through US!! It truly is amazing. He loved me so much that He killed me, to live again in His love and grace.
     There are those that say that Christian music is not as well made or of the same quality that secular music is. I would disagree with this on some accounts, and yet on the whole there does seem to be this depth of quality that some Christian artists have a struggling reaching. One reason that this problem exists and the secular realm looks at these artists and laughs, is because they are not living this sold out committed life. They tour the country trying their hardest to look like every secular musician, but with the name of Jesus thrown in there so that Christians will buy their music. Or they go to the opposite extreme, they do not look like the secular artists, but instead they live on milk, and that only skim. They do not delve deeply into the scriptures and sing, actually sing from their hearts what the Lord has been teaching them. They are content to merely live and sing what they have known since they were young or "newborn" and never seem to want to actually see more of Christ on display.
      There are artists that do go deeper, that take on the challenge of actually bringing forth "good" music. And it is not merely from creating a better sound with their instruments, but rather that you can hear their hearts beating with the truth of scripture. "Beautiful Life" They want to sing about it, even if it hurts, offends, or causes people to question. "Power Trip" They are not merely singing the fluff that feels good and causes people to sway with their emotions, but rather they sing in such ways that you want to cry, while rejoicing at the same time. "10,000 Reasons" "Though You Slay Me"  "Heart Problem" You want to jump and run, while wishing you could be carried away on a cloud to the Father. "Over the Sun" "Before There Was Time" They make you want to search yourself and see where you can improve, where you can create more time to be with the Father. "Revelation Song" "Lord Have Mercy" These are the artists that are trying so desperately to revive and renew "Christian" music. "Indelible Grace" They bleed out their hearts each and every track, they reveal their own struggles and trials, even while struggling to hold on.
   I implore you, search for artists like these, they exist in every genre of music. They may be popular, they may not, but search for them! They will encourage YOU to go to the scriptures, to search for Truth on your own, and not merely to feel good inside and move on with your life. Bring the good news to all those that you can, share it anyway you can, and live in such a way that YOU desire more of the Word and God, when that happens, others will see and wonder at the difference.

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