Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Broken Heart

   It would seem, that in our culture today, words have no meaning whatsoever. One person can claim that a means something and then refuse to hold it to be true the next. Another person can say that they believe a word refers to certain actions or statements, and then they refute those same beliefs with their very next sentence. I think that it is here where we see so much strife and conflict. Christians claim that they believe the Bible, but then turn around and tell the world that they only think certain parts of it still hold true today. People claim that everyone should be "loved" and that everyone should be "tolerant".

   There are so many people that claim one thing, and then refuse to live it out. Over the past week I have seen so many comments of; "you are hateful", "you are not tolerant, you just need to be more tolerant", "love wins, why won't you be more loving", and "the Bible is full of lies and isn't worth being used as toilet paper." This is where we are as a culture. Not only are Christians claiming to follow Jesus and then turning around and telling the world that they don't have to follow everything He says. They are making the statement that their God isn't in control and didn't know how to make His word stand true for all time.

   So on the one hand we have people claiming to be Christians, and yet refusing to follow what they claim to believe. On the other hand we have people declaring that the issues at hand have to do with equality and freedom, while in fact they refuse to listen to what any one else with a different opinion has to say. They refuse to allow others to proclaim what they believe to be true and right, even though they are demanding that that is the response that they receive.

   So, really I think that we have three different groups in our society right now. The first are those who stand upon scripture as the basis for all arguments and discussion. These are the ones that declare sin to be sin and proclaim the gospel in love, even if it doesn't want to be heard. The second group is much different than the first.The second group hates God. They hate everything about Him and what His church does and teaches. They fight for things, not because they are just, but because they are selfish and arrogant. They desire more and more self pleasure so that they might feel better about themselves. All the while not realizing that the only thing that can make them feel better is the very thing that they despise and hate so much. These first two groups are very easy to see and understand. They have always existed. Those who love God and follow His commands and those who hate Him and refuse to follow His commands. It is the third group where people begin to blur the lines and confuse things. In this third group, you not only have people who claim to follow God, but they also proclaim their own selfish desires above the will of God. They are not merely saying that they struggle with something and therefore do not deserve the mercy of God. Rather, they proclaim that the word of God is broken, old fashioned, has been interpreted wrongly for two thousand years, or just not useful in today's world in certain areas. This group scares me. Not only are they claiming to know God while not really following His commands. They are the ones speaking the loudest and getting the most face time. So not only are those who are lost receiving approval for what they are doing, they think that they are receiving it from God. Why? Because those claiming to be the church are agreeing and approving what they are doing. There are many passages in scripture about this third group. They are called wolves in sheep's clothing. They claim to follow God but really have their own agendas. They are there to solely devour those who humbly and faithfully follow after God's Word.

   The church must rise up. We must stand upon scripture just as Martin Luther once did. We must proclaim the beauties of Christ to all we see, beauties that they attempt to hide from. If the church does not rise up for truth and truth alone, then we are condemning those that we truly love to live in their sin. We are telling them that their soul does not matter to us. That if they want to go on in sin, then that is their problem. No!! It is not just their problem, it is ours as well! God has called us to preach the gospel. If we refuse to do that, are we not like Jonah? God has called us to call for repentance, and we must learn from Jonah. If we attempt to call for repentance as Jonah did, wishing for their destruction of how sinful are we? We must come before our loved ones, begging them to turn, to listen, to seek after God. If we do not, then we are not doing what God has created us to do. If we are not bringing glory to His name, then are we not to be described as fools like the apostle Paul listed in I Corinthians? If we truly believe what the Bible says, we must speak, encourage, proclaim, and plead.

    It is only through God's grace and mercy that anyone will come to Him. However, He has called us to be the instruments to do so! Let us join with Esther! For have we not been created and instructed by God for such a time as this. We cannot remain silent. We cannot be ashamed. We cannot be timid. We must rise and stand for truth. Just as John Huss, Martin Luther, John Wycliffe, and so many others have stood for the truth before us. Please, please rise up to proclaim, not for our own benefit, but for the glory of God the truth and righteousness that can only be found in Christ. 

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