Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Reason for the Gospel

There are so many people that think that the gospel was meant to form social clubs, religious practices, and many other such things. However, none of them are true. The gospel is not for these worldly and foolish trivialities. The gospel frees our souls from the grip of sin. We are born in sin, and as David says we were conceived in it. So many times people have expressed their desire to form their own gospel, or to create their own version of the real gospel. They twist and turn it until it has no semblance of the truth that it originated from.

Our church bodies and congregations are in place to help us grow in our faith and to hear the gospel preached. They aren't supposed to provide the community with a free coffee cafe or donut shop. They aren't supposed to create a worldly rock concert to draw people in. The church is the place where the gospel is to be shared and heard.

Many people would ask, "what exactly is the gospel?" The answer to that question is very simple, the gospel is the message of salvation for those whom Jesus Christ redeemed on the cross who will believe in His death and resurrection for the redemption of their souls from death and destruction. This is the gospel, that a man would lay down His life for the salvation of all who believe.

Jesus did not establish the church to have earthly rituals that resemble everything that the world does in worshipping idols, we are to stand out amongst those who claim to worship something. Our message has life and hope, Jesus is not in the grave. He has risen and will return for His bride.

The gospel is the tool that God uses to quicken a person's heart as the Holy Spirit begins to open their eyes tho the truth of God. May we share it boldly and with confidence.

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