Thursday, October 29, 2015

True Beauty

    What does it mean to truly appreciate and learn from creation? This is something that constantly causes me to ponder about the beauties that God has placed within our lives. We see so many things in life that are truly of the glorious in splendor and majesty, and yet we completely neglect to thank God for them and the pleasure that they bring to us.

    For instance, yesterday was quite a gloomy rainy day. There wasn't much going on that would draw the eye to the splendor of God's beauty. His sustaining mercy and power, sure, but not much towards His beauty. However, this morning began with a gloriously bright sun shining through the crimson, orange, and yellow foliage draping the surrounding hillsides and forests. There was a peace ringing through the air, as if to proclaim that everything had been washed clean and that all was new again. The clouds in the sky were sparse and the ones that were there looked like an inviting cool pillow on a hot summer's day.

    My mind was drawn to this beauty as I was driving to work. It caused me to wonder at the extreme majesty of a creator that holds everything in His power and sustains the very creation that we often ignore. I was reminded of a song by Warren Barfield. In it he proclaims the message that if we do not experience certain things in life, that we will not understand or know the true value and worth of others. This was ringing loud and true in my ears as I gazed upon the majestic. If we did not experience rain and darkness, would we really appreciate the light and beauty of the sun and it's warmth? If we did not experience the depression of the clouds and their darkness, would we ever understand what the gospel ever does to a person's darkened heart when the Light of Truth breaks into and shines with such brilliance that all you can do is stand in awe?

    Not everything that we see will cause us to be amazed and astounded. Some things will cause us to be sorrowful and depressed. However, we serve a God who is all powerful and cares deeply for those whom He has called unto Himself. So take heart on the days when the rain falls, the clouds rolls in, and darkness descends, for there is one thing that will always remain true and will always stand. That is  the simple fact that God is in control, and nothing can contain His beauty. It will always shine through and will always follow times of darkness in the lives of those who love Him.

    So be encouraged and take heart. Take some time to reflect on the beauty of God and to embrace the majesty shown forth through His creations.


  1. Yesterday morning at the crack of dawn I was drawn to the brightness of the leaves on the trees around here, even on a cloudy day, and praising God for His amazing creation.