Monday, November 2, 2015

The Fog Lifting

    Recently I have seen a lot of fog coming off of the river that I drive alongside as I travel to work. Each time, I struggle to see the road, the other cars on it, and to make sure that I am driving safely. I am amazed at how easily the sun breaks through and causes the fog to dissipate in an instant. It reminded me today about the way that God breaks through to us when He reaches into our hearts and minds and creates something beautiful.

    Before God makes us new, we live as though we see the world through a fog. We see glimpses of beauty, sunshine, joy, and wonder. Yet, we just can't see enough to cause us to be truly amazed and awed. When God removes the veil from before our eyes, it is just like watching the sun destroy the morning fog. It runs away and cannot hide. It pulls back to reveal such beauties that we could never have imagined to exist in the world.

    God does the same thing to our minds and hearts. We were unable to understand, see, or believe. Then God does something that we have nothing to do with in order to give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and minds to understand. The fog is lifted and we cannot contain the joy and the grace that we have been shown abounds more than we could ever imagine.

     As we approach the holidays, may we all be grateful most of all for the work that Jesus did, both through His life and His death, for those whom He has chosen even before the creation of the world. We can be thankful for the many worldly blessings that we have, but if we do not realize the most important thing to be thankful for, then we have missed the entire point. The early things do not matter, but the things of God remain forever! May you be the tool used to remove the fog from someone's eyes, or to lift it from their minds. May you shine forth the rays of God's truth to the ends of the earth in order to proclaim His goodness and mercy towards those whom He has chosen. 

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